The Picky Mom(TM)
Southern California's Most Trusted
At-Home Lice Removal, Treatment & Education Service.
Southern California's Most Trusted In-Home
Lice Removal & Treatment Service

& How Can She Help You?

*** The Picky Mom is currently taking a picking break.  Please feel free to read through her website for tips on fighting lice.

The kids are gone.  The birds are singing.  You sit down to have a quiet cup of coffee when the phone rings.  “Hello?  Mrs. Smith? This is Mr. Jones from your child’s school/camp.  YOUR CHILD HAS LICE.  YOU NEED TO COME BRING HER HOME.”  You pause.  “It has to be a wrong number…I’m in the Twilight Zone…I need a glass of wine…NO, I have to drive...HELP!!!”

Don't Panic!  It's Going to be OK!...The Picky Mom
is Here to Help!

The Picky Mom™ is the Southern California's Most Trusted In-Home Lice Removal Service.  We only use natural products &/or home "pantry products" and excel in the specific combing technique and manual removal of head lice and their eggs (nits.) Additionally, we will teach you how to do your own follow-up care using products available in your local drugstore or supermarket - no follow-up calls (& extra expenses) needed! Of course, The Picky Mom(TM) will continue to be available to you for any questions or concerns and we will always do follow-up calls on request.

The Picky Mom™ is highly respected not only for her quality work, but also for her kindness, humor & true dedication to the children and families she serves. 

Call The Picky Mom(TM) at: (818) 620-9092

Proudly Serving Southern California Families in:

*Studio City  *Sherman Oaks  *West Hills  *Woodland Hills  *Van Nuys  *Pasadena  *Calabasas  *Glendale  *Canoga Park        *Westlake Village  *Chatsworth  *Thousand Oaks   *Oak Park  *Agoura Hills  *Northridge  *Tarzana   *Valley Village 
*Reseda  *North Hollywood
  *Beverly Hills   *Brentwood   *Hollywood   *Los Angeles   *Pacific Palisades

The Picky Mom (TM) 
Is the Personal Choice of...

Jennifer Levinson
Founder - Jen's List

"A few weeks ago…my house was “loused”…BUT - The Picky Mom came to our rescue!  She is an expert in In-Home Lice Removal & Treatment Service.  She uses all natural products - no chemicals ever touch your child's head!  The Picky Mom is dedicated to helping families stop the itch and get back to school!  She truly cares about her clients and wants to make sure they remain nit & lice free after she leaves. So, if you find lice, or think you and your family have been exposed,  call The Picky Mom at (818) 620-9092 or email her at:  She is great, flexible and believe it or not, actually made the process…not that bad!!!!!!!!  $VERY well spent.  It's a VERY tedious job."

Ilise Faye
Early Childhood Director
Hollywood Schoolhouse

“…Sharon is a gift to parents, children and educators alike.   The minute I found out we had lice,  I called The Picky Mom™. Sharon walked into my home, pulled out her bag of tricks and I knew we were in good hands.  Her warmth, understanding and incredible sense of humor made the experience something I had not expected.  She made it actually humorous.  She took the fear of these little critters and the horror stories we all hear, put them to rest and before I knew it, we were all lice free.  I then hired her to come to school and check my child’s class and talk to the parents about lice.  She is our lice guru. Families, educators and children should rest at ease knowing that the Picky Mom is around to help out.  I recommend Sharon, The Picky Mom, for all families who want a clear, understanding, warm and humorous experience while dealing with the hassle of lice.”

Why Call The Picky Mom™…

** Uses all natural products.  No harmful chemicals ever!

** Combines special combing technique with careful manual nit picking.    

** Teaches you how to do your own follow-up with aftercare education & instruction.          

** Flexible scheduling with early morning appointments - no need to miss school or camp.

** Pro-rated hourly rates.

  ** Never leave your home...
we come to you!


The Picky Mom™ Says…
“Super Lice don’t scare The Picky Mom™…She has teenagers!!!”      

“This is a war between you and the lice.  But don’t worry – you will win…you’re bigger than they are!”

“Lice are a true pain in the neck. But they are harmless and only like clean hair. To get rid of them,  you need a good comb, a lot patience, great follow through with after care instructions, a good glass of wine and The Picky Mom’s™ prayer…

“As I prepare to step into battle with what is my child's head, please let me remember the DVD player.  Remind me that 3 hours of continuous "ICarly" does not make me a bad parent - but helps keep the peace within my household.  Help me understand that this is only an eyelash in time and remember that my biceps grow strong with each stroke of the comb.  Give me the gift of a classic Seinfeld rerun to watch as my child and I fight this war together.  And, most importantly...I ask that this case of lice be the worst thing
  that ever happens to my children
  and my family.”
(drink wine and begin picking.)

”Remember - The Picky Mom™ is just like an earthquake kit…She hopes you never need her, but just in case -  she’s here to help!”

Call (818) 620-9092

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