The Picky Mom(TM)
Southern California's Most Trusted
At-Home Lice Removal, Treatment & Education Service.
Southern California's Most Trusted In-Home
Lice Removal & Treatment Service

How We Can Help

Medical professionals and associations are now recommending manual removal and treatment as the only way to truly rid the hair of lice.  The Picky Mom is dedicated to helping families understand that having lice has almost become  "a right of passage" for parents and children of all ages. She is here to assist everyone in moving past this phase of life as quickly and incident free as possible.  The Picky Mom will:

                             * Come to your home or office.
                             * Use all natural products.
                             * Use her proven process to remove all lice & eggs as quickly as possible
                             * Inspect your home or office & offer advice on ridding your home of lice.
                             * Teach you how to follow-up &/or be available for follow-up visits.

The Picky Mom™ is also available for:

*Low cost school checks 
       *Parent educational seminars.
  *Hands on group lessons (10 parent/child max.)

Your kids are suppose to come home with homework, not lice!  
Don't wait for lice to find your family and children - the best offense is a great defense!


Tips on Fighting the War on Lice

•    Mayonnaise, olive oil and Cetaphil can help jumpstart the fight.  Before bed, slather hair with one of the products and sleep in a shower cap.  In the morning, comb hair with lice comb and follow with hair wash.

•    The best defense is the “hands on” offense.  First dry hair.  Next, separate hair into small sections.  Carefully look at each section.  Using your fingernails or specially designed tweezers, gently pull off each visible nit.

•    If you can flick it – leave it.  Eggs and nits glue themselves to hair and must be pulled off.  Dandruff, hairspray, product and general “schmootz” can be flicked off.  

•    Comb, comb and then, comb again.  Comb entire head with lice comb as often as possible.

    Keep a pot out for combs, brushes, clips, etc.  As soon as you use a comb, put it in the pot.  Used items must be boiled for 20 minutes or  soaked in alcohol for 20 minutes.

•    Put all items that cannot be washed, i.e., stuffed animals, hats, covers, in a sealed plastic bag for two weeks.

•    Change pillowcases for 1 week  – bed sheets for the first 3 nights.

•    Vacuum everything – car seats, sofa cushions, etc.

•    Wear hair braided & in a bun, with lots of hairspray to prevent reinfestation – you are lice free, but your friends may not be!

Make sure your children's friends and play dates have checked before coming over.  Blame it on The Picky Mom!

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