The Picky Mom(TM)
Southern California's Most Trusted
At-Home Lice Removal, Treatment & Education Service.
Southern California's Most Trusted In-Home
Lice Removal & Treatment Service

Everybody is Talking About Sharon,
The Picky Mom

"Sharon is a consumate professional, and a hoot to boot! She knows her stuff, is great with the kids and such a pleasure to work with. Makes having another adult pick eggs out of your head a little less humiliating!  If you've got lice, you need to call The Picky Mom"

-- Carley Knobloch, founder of Mothercraft: Coaching the Modern Mom


A few weeks ago…my house was “loused”…BUT - The Picky Mom came to our rescue! 
She is an expert in In-Home Lice Removal & Treatment Service.
She uses all natural products - no chemicals ever touch your child's head!
The Picky Mom is dedicated to helping families stop the itch and get back to school!
She truly cares about her clients and wants to make sure they remain nit & lice free
after she leaves. So, if you find lice, or think you and your family have been exposed,
call The Picky Mom at (818) 620-9092 or email her at:
She is great, flexible and believe it or not, actually made the process…not that bad!!!!!!!!
$VERY well spent. It’s a VERY tedious job :O)

- Jennifer Levinson, Founder - Jen's List, February 17th


"Today Sharon arrived at my house 10 minutes early.  She came with a smile and all the tools to 
help us get rid of the infestation I had with my children.  I am so pleased to say that Sharon
was so patient and nit picking (no pun intended) that my daughter who is shy about the situation was very comfortable when she approached her and cared for her.  She spent plenty of time to make sure that
all or most of  the problem is taken care of.  I could not thank you guys enough.  I had gone over my head with this case and was at my ends.  My son was excited to see all the bugs washed down the sink. (He loves Science.)  
Thank you again.
P.S. I will highly recommend your services to anyone."


"Sharon, thank you.
The kids are at camp, nit free, egg free... lice free and we will be able to enjoy Owen's birthday party tomorrow without fear.

I cannot thank you enough."


"Sometime between hours 11 and 12 of picking, I called in reinforcements and
The Picky Mom gave me three precious hours of her time. She called me a Saint, I sat down and cried a little more. I cannot begin to tell you the anguish and failure of having another woman performing a parenting task that I know I should do. My "failure" was the smartest thing I could have done. If I could, I would have had her move in with us. " 

From Jessica Gottlieb's article:



Thank you so much for coming to our home and taking such good care of our son.
I'll refer you to everyone I know who needs you.

With much appreciation.

From One Mom to Other Moms...

Hello all. Madison was unlucky enough to be affected by lice this week and we have had a hard time getting rid of them. Asher, Cindy's mom, referred us to Sharon, "The Picky Mom," who came to our house and spent hours getting rid of the unwanted hosts in our hair. She was wonderful!
Thank you Asher for the reference!
I thought that I should pass on her info in case anyone else may need her service.


Even From Our Friends Far Away...

 "Keeping Ahead of Lice"

From Searchlight' by CitiLibraries Townsville, Austrialia

"The last word however should go to an entrepreneurial US company which has recognized a golden business opportunity. will send a representative direct to your home and pick out your children?s lice and nits for you, without chemicals, and with reduced rates for follow up visits. Just the answer for stressed-out parents!"

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